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Letzte Generation Ost / Kristin Trüb (limited edition + signed C print)

Letzte Generation Ost / Kristin Trüb (limited edition + signed C print)
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Éditions Bessard, 2015
Copertina rigida + cofanetto, 22.5 x 27.2 cm
Pagine non numerate, fotografie a colori e b/n
Lingua inglese e tedesca

Edizione limitata di 500 copie comprendenti una fotografia originale firmata e numerata


“The narrative book « Letzte Generation Ost » deals with various lifes of a generation who were born in the final years of the GDR. Central place in the photographic exploration of the different biographies was the housing area in Hagenow in east Germany where the photographer and their protagonists were growing up together.

Their families corresponded to the propagandized principles, they received socialist education in their early years and lived in the typical tower blocks in Hagenow. Naturally, since the collapse of the former GDR, much has changed. Interviews with nine selected representatives of that generation as well as portraits and various photographs create an impression of the memories and experiences of the last generation east.” (Kristin Trüb)

Shortlist Kassel Dummy Photobook Award 2015

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