About us

Micamera is a bookstore, a gallery and an agency specialized in photography and based in Milan, Italy.

Founded 2003 in Milan by Giulia Zorzi and Flavio Franzoni, it also organizes events and workshops, and offers consultancy for the production of photography books and exhibitions, as well as the evaluation and acquisition of entire libraries.

The gallery has exhibited, among others, the works by Kristine Potter, Mark Steinmetz, Jason Fulford, Ed Templeton, Michael Wolf, Lucas Foglia, Todd Hido, Dana Lixenberg, Gus Powell, Gregory Halpern, Yamamoto Masao, Gerry Johansson, Paul Kranzler, Jessica Backhaus, Melanie Pullen, Molly Matalon, Caroline Tompkins, Aaron Shuman, Guido Guidi, Alessandra Spranzi, Silvia Camporesi, Andrea Alessio, Lorenzo Tricoli, Ilaria Turba, Claudio Majorana, Alessandra Piolotto.