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Fulvia Bernacca presents: SERENO. With Chiara Rizzica.

13 December 2023 @ 18:30 - 20:00

13 December 2023 @ 18:30 20:00

– Colonel, was it sunny or rainy for you on September 5th?
– Clear, like it was January 7th, 1968, when I started. A sunrise and sunset of sunshine. It’s meteorologically logical.

– Paolo Mosca, interview to Edmondo Bernacca

On Wednesday, December 13 at 6.30pm Fulvia Bernacca will be at Micamera to launch her new book Sereno, recently released by Forward Edizioni. In conversation with Chiara Rizzica, from the publisher’s editorial board.

Publisher Diego Emanuele will introduce the talk.

Booksigning will follow. Book your signed copy.

Sereno is a journey through clouds and time, a visual and poetic account of colonel and television meteorologist Edmondo Bernacca. For Italians Bernacca was an institution, so much so that his name has become a metaphor. He was a meteorologist, Air Force general and journalist. He had the good fortune of being the first meteorologist to appear on television in Italy, back in 1955. From the 1960s to the 1980s thousands of Italian families waited for his forecasts every evening. He was almost part of the family.

For me, he was Nonno Mondo (Grandpa World): not just my grandfather, but a sort of magician, a soothsayer, a mysterious man with very big ears and a head full of clouds. He had a wonderful, magical power: he could not only be, but also speak from inside that strange box called television, while sitting next to me at the same time. For me that was incredible magic. He died in 1993; I was still a child, and I found myself looking up to find him, among the clouds. As an adult I opened drawers and archives to discover his life and passion. This book started when, diving in his archives, I found his farewell letter, in which he traced his last journey from the television studios back home, recalling the most important moments of his private and professional life.

These words became the outline of my project. I have been working on personal and collective memory through memories and imagination, joining photographs and clouds. I built a new connection with him. A journey through the story of my family but also, in many ways, of all Italian families.

– Fulvia Bernacca