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Fulvio Ventura’s Sagacity

20 October 2021 @ 18:30 - 20:30

20 October 2021 @ 18:30 20:30

Fulvio Ventura
(The Ice Plant, 2021)

Wednesday, October 20 from 6.30pm 
at Galleria San Fedele, via Ulrico Hoepli 3a, 20121 Milano

Talk with Giulia Zorzi, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Roberta Valtorta (who will reach us)
Moderator: Luca Fiore
Anna De Lorenzi, Fulvio Ventura’s widow, and the American publisher Mike Slack will also be present.

thanks to Andrea dall’Asta

Nearly 50 years after its inception, Italian photographer Fulvio Ventura’s Sagacity is finally seeing the light of day.
Begun in 1975, it was originally scheduled for publication in 1978 by Luigi Ghirri’s ill-fated Punto e Virgola imprint.

Designed by Jason Fulford, the current monograph was edited and sequenced by Giulia Zorzi of Micamera Milan, who worked closely with ventura on the selection until his death in 2020 (at his home in Ghiffa, Italy).

Special guests this evening will be Roberta Valtorta and Giovanni Chiaramonte, who have shared a lot of photographic and personal experience with Fulvio Ventura. 

“Sagacity is a mysterious crossing of space (the places photographed are many and far between) and time, both the existential time in which the author has gradually created the images and the ever-changing photographic time contained in them. A complex time, then, that drags us into overlaps and crossovers and leads us through a possible story, or rather: many possible stories at our disposal. Similar to a movie for the richness of the editing, jumps, approaches and departures, sudden references, hints of analogies, rhythms, unlike the movie, it leaves the sense of the images free: the viewer will try to find it, perhaps the author was also looking for it”.
Roberta Valtorta

The books:

Fulvio Ventura’s Sagacity
The Ice Plant, 2021
Hardback, 26 x 18 cm
64 pages, 33 black and white photographs
purchase your copy here


Galleria San Fedele

Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3a
Milan, 20121 Italia
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