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Irina Rozovsky and Mark Steinmetz: booksigning (with Amelia!)

June 6 @ 18:30 - 20:00

June 6 @ 18:30 20:00

June 6 at 6.30pm
Irina Rozovsky and Mark Steinmetz, together with their daughter Amelia, will be at Micamera to sign copies of their books.

photo above: Irina Rozovsky, from Insieme (Chose Commune, 2023)

We celebrate the much-awaited release of ATL – that gathers photographs taken within and around the Atlanta airport. Mark Steinmetz’ photographs have often seen described as timeless or suspended. At the same time they are clearly, profoundly rooted in the contemporary world, depicting its beauty, moments full of anticipation and possibility. (Isn’t our whole life like that – an act of waiting?) All of a sudden, the airport seems the perfect location for Steinmetz’s subjects: studied with meditative calm, they often are caught in the midst of a common activity that appears as a rite of passage.

ATL was exhibited at Micamera in 2022.

Mark Steinmetz
Nazraeli Press, 2024

30,5 x 26,5 cm, 80 pages
b/w photographs

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The list of the author’s books is really long. Mostly released by Nazraeli Press, whose pop-up store will be on display at Micamera until the end of June, they are all beautiful (see here). Another recent publication is France 1987, a collection of previously unreleased photographs taken by a young Steinmetz back in 1987, when he spent some time between Paris and the area of Provence.

Mark Steinmetz
France 1987
Nazraeli Press, 2023

29×33 cm, 110 pages
b/w photographs

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In 2021, together with artist Irina Rozovsky, Steinmetz realises a work of four hands, shot between Apulia and Veneto for an association called OMNE. The title is Insieme – Italian word for Together – and the work is presented in an exhibition in Castelfranco Veneto during the OMNE Festival in 2023. The book, released in collaboration with French publisher Chose Commune, carries the word written by their daughter Amelia on the cover. Insieme is a beautiful two-voice diary, and the book has the size of a notebook.

Irina Rozovsky & Mark Steinmetz
Chose Commune / OMNE, 2023

21 x 16,8 cm, 96 pages
b/w and color photographs

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In the same year MACK had released In Plain Air, the monograph by Irina Rozovsky. In Plain Air is a lyrical portrait of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park; her colour photographs capture the interplay between city and nature, creating a vision of the park as a democratic and nurturing public space, one where the landscape and seasons form a protean backdrop to a complex social reality.

Irina Rozovsky
In Plain Air
MACK, 2021

24 x 28,5 cm, 96 pages
color photographs

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Mark Steinmetz, Irina Rozovsky and their daughter Amelia live in Athens, Georgia, where they run a photography project space called The Humid

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