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booklaunch / Vincenzo Pagliuca: mónos

February 6 @ 18:30 - 20:00

February 6 @ 18:30 20:00

On Tuesday, February 6th Vincenzo Pagliuca will be at Micamera to launch his book
mónos (Hartmann Books, 2022)

Solitary houses along the Italian southern Apennines stand out against the natural environment as monoliths. They are singular and magnetic architectures, photographed in the wintertime and with particular light conditions; but not only: they are also places of dreams and meditations, which invite us to reflect on the symbolic meaning of the house for human beings.
Vincenzo Pagliuca

Only in mónos do huts and palaces come so close to meaning the same thing. Vincenzo Pagliuca’s book is an architectural B-movie set in the southern Apennines of Italy. The solitary buildings he photographed are simple houses, composed of elementary geometric shapes. Yet some of the rudimentary dwellings look like pastel, miniature pastiches of historical or even avant-garde buildings. They seem to be out of place, formed from architectural elements that often don’t quite fit together. Always photographed from a central perspective and under an overcast sky, they become sculptures of the common man and make us think about how and why people build, live, and think.
Hartmann Books

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