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workshop / GAIA GIANI: THE BREATHING CAMERA. The body in artistic practice.

May 11 @ 10:00 - May 12 @ 18:00

May 11 @ 10:00 May 12 @ 18:00

 © Annalisa Piras

I’m a blue and grey landscape
Clarice Lispector

Between photography, long take and continuous shot

The premise of this workshop is that there is no image separate from the filming or photographing body: creativity is fueled by physical sensations that arise from a profound feeling, an altered state and a connection to the body entangled in space.
The desire is to immerse oneself deeper, especially in the landscape, to become one with the camera in time and space: the camera is an extension of the body that allows a dialogue and a connection to the world. The spatialization of time and the temporalization of space open to the possibility of capturing what is otherwise elusive. By placing ourselves in a listening attitude, focusing on sounds, we can be led to “places” where looking (and its habits) would not lead. In the time span of the moving image, the senses interpenetrate.

To place oneself in a physical relationship with our instrument. Learning to wait, to dive into the landscape, to listen, to let the moment flow so that “the action” comes to fruition, resisting the temptation to shoot when we think “Moment stop: ‘you’re beautiful!’”

© Mike Slack

Shooting the moving image can almost feel like dancing. Our feet must adhere to the ground. If we walk with a hand-held camera knees should be slightly bent, the pelvis low, walking on the same horizontal line, without swaying, breathing slowly. The camera becomes a thin membrane that adheres to the body, exposing us to the risk of the imperfect image, but it is precisely in taking on this challenge that we find new paths and open up to the world.
– Gaia Giani

The workshop will involve practical exercises as well as viewing and discussing both videos and photographs, a series of exercises on sensory perception and the realization of a short video project with continuous shot.

Students will need to bring along:
– a camera that can shoot videos – ideally with autofocus – or the mobile phone
– monopod (if you have one)
– computer

workshop language: Italian
maximum 13 participants
Saturday 11 + Sunday 12 May at Micamera
10am to 6pm
cost: 250€ (+VAT)
info and subscriptions: [email protected]

GAIA GIANI lives and works in Milan. She is currently working on a long-term project on landscape, memory and ecology. After a BA in Philosophy with a thesis on Pina Bausch’ Tanz-Theater, she moved to London and later returned to Italy, working as author and producer of documentary films. In 2009 she held her first solo exhibition at Micamera with the video installation Cesura. Her latest works include Die Wald Liste (in progress), a collaborative sound performance with singer Margareth Kammerer; the short film Attraversare (2022), a dream composed of collective memories, narrated in Albanian; the short film You Sleep like a Stone (2019); La zona oscura – l’età bambina (2017), a documentary about childhood as a mysterious dimension to be grasped and preserved; and Solo (2015), a documentary on dancers and lovers Dominique Dupuy and Francoise Dupuy, investigating the relationship between dance and life during the rehearsal of a piece at the Chaillot Theater in Paris.