It is never a matter of simply hanging prints on the wall.

Micamera’s gallery activity started in 2006 when we moved into the new location. Our gallery program is inspired by books we fall in love with – often recently released titles, but it might also be books that are still unpublished or also, released years earlier. What is very important to us is that the works on the wall always have a relationship with the books on the tables – and very often with the workshops we organise.

Exhibitions are the result of a dialogue with the artists we choose to invite – and we struggle to find different forms to involve our customers and collectors in this dialogue. We are a peculiar gallery that originated from a bookshop, and highly values the relationship between the image on a book page and the image on the wall. In photography, the book is indeed a work of art.

You can visit us, we are open. Come look at the prints, at books. Come to meet the artist and his/her work through a talk, a workshop or a performance. Or join the other talks around the exhibition, whether it is with the publisher, the curator, the designer, or another photographer.

Similarly to the bookshop, the gallery specializes in contemporary American and Italian photography – with some very special exceptions.

Micamera works directly with the exhibited authors, whether selecting prints, suggesting possibilities, or curating the project from the very beginning (sometimes helping the artist in funding the project, finding a publisher, exhibiting in other galleries).

Here a selection of artists we have exhibited. We work to promote their work, not only to sell their prints. Buying prints at Micamera is always a good investment: with your purchase you support artists, a bookshop, and our cultural activity all year round.

If you do not find your artist in this list, email us. We might be able to help you.

Ongoing projects 

Micamera has exhibited the works of:

Italian Artists

Andrea Alessio
Silvia Camporesi
Giovanni Chiaramonte
Pablo Chiereghin
Alessandro Di Giampietro
Jacopo Farina
Marco Garofalo
Gianluca Groppi
Guido Guidi
Davide Monteleone
Sabrina Ragucci e Giorgio Falco
Livio Senigalliesi
Valerio Spada
Alessandro Tattini
Lorenzo Tricoli

International Artists

Machiel Botman
Philip Jones Griffiths
Gregory Halpern
Rinko Kawauchi
Paul Kooiker
Yamamoto Masao
Jeff Mermelstein
Paul Kranzler
Beatrice Minda
Melanie Pullen
Daniel Reuter
Camille Solyagua
Lew Thomas
Stefan Vanthuyne


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