Gerry Johansson

picture by Vegar Moen

“I photograph what I find beautiful. That can include both a run-down 1970s urban scene and a romantic rural landscape. My pictures can be seen as a counterweight to the dystopic portrayal of our world in mass media.”

– Gerry Johansson

Gerry Johansson (Örebro, 1945) is a Swedish photographer. He is known for portraying quiet small towns around the world, especially in the US, Sweden and Germany. His main goal is to demonstrate the effect people have on their surroundings and how vast cities change over time.

Johansson grew up in Varberg, on the Western coast of the country. Inspired by his father, an amateur photographer, he started making photographs when he was just 11 years old; his first pictures were of the model airplanes he built. Johansson recalls being fascinated by photographs from his father’s time studying in Germany before the war, and also remembers taking pictures, with no film in the camera, around the house with his grandmother’s broken box camera.

After finishing a degree in graphic design in 1969, Johansson worked for a photography magazine, then three years later co-founded the publishing house Fyra Förläggare AB, specialising in photography magazines and photobooks which usually featured work by Swedish documentary photographers. This didn’t stop him from making photographs in his spare time though, and throughout his career as a designer and publisher Johansson exhibited in group shows. He self-published his first book, Fotografier, in 1980 and two years later he had his first solo exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, which now holds over 40 of his photographs in its permanent collection.

In 1985 Johansson left his publishing company to work independently, and also published his second book, Halland, which was shot exclusively in Halland country, Sweden. Since then, he has produced photobooks dedicated to several other regions in his homeland, as well as in Germany, Japan, Mongolia, and Antarctica.
He has released over 30 books. ‘America So Far: 1962-2018’ is his second exhibition at Micamera after ‘Deutschland’ in 2012.

His books here
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Exhibitions in collaboration with Micamera

America so far: 1962-2018
September 20th – October 19th, 2019

December 12th – January 12th, 2013
Micamera, in collaboration with Festival di Fotografia Savignano Immagine – SI Fest


Creativity is simple
October 5th-6th, 2019

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