20 / 20 / 200 : Kristine Potter

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Brendan, 2018 (from Nashville Nights)

Fine art print on Hahnemühle
Photorag Baryta 100% cotton 310gsm
print sheet 20×25 cm
conservative folder mat 24×30 cm
Edition of 20, signed and numbered

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20 / 20 / 200 is a special anniversary portfolio produced by Micamera for its 20th anniversary Read here

KRISTINE POTTER (Dallas, Texas, 1977)
Brendan, 2018 (from Nashville Nights)

Kristine Potter’s black and white photographs invite us into the social worlds of deep America — the expansive West, the inner-world of the military, the country music scene — as she decodes, reframes, and recodes their conventional meanings. Cliches of masculinity dissolve into idyllic reflection. Bold male archetypes of the wild west soften into vulnerability and uncertainty. The confident female form emerges from an ambiguous darkness. The confident female form emerges from an ambiguous darkness.

Potter is keenly attuned to how her subjects navigate and negate the archetypes and cliches of their cultures, and how photography has reinforced and distorted them in the popular imagination. In Potter’s portraits, we see individuals shaped, burdened, and empowered by the weight of their culture’s history, but sometimes the natural landscape itself becomes the main subject — not simply a backdrop or a stage but a numinous and self-contained archetype of itself.

His first monograph Manifest was published by TBW Books in 2018. In the same year, she was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Grand Prix Image Vevey for 2019-2020. otter is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Middle Tennessee State University. Her last book, Dark Water, was released 2023 by Aperture.

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