Living Trust – Buck Ellison

Loose Joints, 2020
Hardback, 25 × 32 cm
132 pages,color photographs
English text

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“We live in a hyper-photographed world” says Buck Ellison in an interview published by the British Journal of Photography, “and yet there is a whole class of people, the ultra-rich, who only divulge what they want about themselves. The rest of their lives remain completely opaque to us”.
Living Trust investigates the imagery associated with this world of American millionaires and recasts it in a new light, revealing the artificiality, self-censorship and prejudices that exist in the ways this group self-represents itself.

There are eight chapters in the book: Daughters; Still Lifes; College Preparatory Schools, San Francisco Bay Area, California: Sierra; Gymnastic Routine; Protestant Suite; Tender Option; Performance Fleece; Modesty; Christmas Card. Eight open and direct reflections on various aspects of the lives of the W.A.S.P. (White Ango-Saxon Protestants).

Mere good manners, in the ordinary sense of the world, are not enough to qualify ad W.A.S.P. Neither is a clean and tidy appearance, nor a friendly and sly demeanor. The social conventions of individuals with large assets represent a complex and difficult to master set of norms and rituals. As a recent study of London’s legal elites highlights, ‘wearing the right color socks and shoes is vital to success’.

Winner of the Paris Photo–Aperture First PhotoBook of the Year Award 2020

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