7 AM – Tereza Kozinc / Klavdij Sluban


iikki, 2023
Hardcover, 16 x 20 cm
128 pages, color and b/w photographs
French and English texts

Edition of 700 numbered copies

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Surreal and fragmented, this non-family album collects the photographs of Tereza Kozinc and Klavdij Sluban taken about a year after the birth of their first child.
The sequence, suspended and deliberately ambiguous, traces a winding path through the universal yet personal world of birth and life, extraordinary and timeless mysteries.

Fragments of memory:

“… The pond. The marshes. Bajdi. Running. Laughter. Let’s ride a bike. Mossy forests and red dandy horse. Mom’s little sunshine. Grandma’s little sunshine.
The family album. The need to take pictures. Let’s go for a ride. It’s snowing. Lipoglav village or Toško Celo hill?
I crave the woods. The price of film has risen again.
We’ve been taking photos since the conception, already in Paris, without a plan. But the photo series keeps building up, the camera lying between a hat and a backhoe loader…”

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