A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity – Mike Brodie


Twin Palms, 2021 (4th edition)
Hardback, 27×33 cm
120 pages, 62 color photographs
English text


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All I wanted to do was move, if I wasn’t moving I wasn’t doing and I would get sad and lose direction’
Born 1985 in Arizona, Mike Brodie is quintessentially American. Both his own story and his images immediately connect to our memories of reading the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but also Kerouac’s On The Road and so much more literature. The endless American landscape as much as that feeling of having, always, endless possibilities ahead.
It is written that everything started with Brodie becoming ‘internet famous’ when posting his images as ‘Polaroid Kidd’ and then meeting Paul Schiek (founder of TBW Books, today one of the most interesting publishers around) in Oakland, California, who helped him putting together two bodies of work: Tones of Dirt and Bone (released later, in 2015, but gathering previous material, shot with a Polaroid SX-70) and this amazing book called A Period of Juvenile Prosperity (released 2013 and shot with a Nikon F3 and 35 mm film). Within a short period of time, Brodie ended up being shown in the best galleries and his book became a milestone in the history of photography.
A story of success, to which the author himself put an end in 2017, quitting photography and starting working as a diesel mechanic.
Looking at it from a far-away and culturally so different country, we have also questioned the truth of this story: it sounded too mythical to our old-European ears. But in the end, who cares. This book is amazingly beautiful and intense – and that is unquestionably true.
A Period of Juvenile Prosperity is the documentation of Brodie’s free train-hopping journeys across the US from 2004 to 2008
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