A Study on Folds – Carlotta Manaigo


Libraryman, 2021
Hardback, 21,5 x 27,5 cm
32 pages, 24 color photographs
English text

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Libraryman’s ‘Season Series’ is inspired by Kim Ki-Duk’s seminal film ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring’.
The South Korean director’s story begins with an elderly monk and his very young disciple. During the ‘springtime’ of his existence, the young novice discovers the importance of and respect for life, thanks to the strict upbringing imposed on him by his master.

Spring, in this series of books following the seasons, is represented by Carlotta Manaigo’s ‘A Study on Folds’. In these pages, the author documents the first months of her baby’s life, studying every inch of his skin under the changing light of day. In the care work that being a new mother entails, time expands, space shrinks, and centuries of artistic and religious tradition can be seen in the depiction of the newcomer.

Kim Ki-Duk’s masterpiece, after passing through all the seasons, concludes with the return of spring. The cycle of life resumes: the child we met at the beginning of the film has become a monk and takes care of a novice just as the old deceased monk had done with him some time ago.

Who knows how many and which people the newcomer, whom we get to know in the pages of ‘A Study on Folds’, will take care of during the seasons of his life?

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