Altra versione dello stesso paesaggio – Arianna Arcara


Cesura Publish, 2021
Softbound, 17 x 22 cm
88 pages, black and white and color photographs
English, Italian

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At the beginning of February 2021, photographer Arianna Arcara was invited to inaugurate the artist residencies curated by the Pinacoteca G.A. Levis in Chiomonte, aimed at hosting photographers and artists with the intention of activating new narratives, starting from the rich heritage of paintings by the landscape painter Giuseppe Augusto Levis.

The set of mountain landscapes in Susa Valley, part of the Levis collection, served as the starting point for Arianna Arcara to represent what she herself defines as “Another version of the same landscape”.
During her residency in Chiomonte, her investigation developed through an attempt to outline a contemporary, social and landscape-based cross-section of the Susa Valley, turning her attention to the young population and the places where they grow up and live.

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