American Geography – Matt Black


Contrasto, 2021
Hardback, 26,5 x 26,2 cm
168 pages, 97 b/w photographs

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When Matt Black began exploring his home in California’s rural Central Valley—known as “the other California,” where one-third of the population lives in poverty—he knew what his next project had to be. Black was inspired to create a vivid portrait of an unknown America, to photograph some of the poorest communities across the US.

Traveling across 46 states and Puerto Rico, Black visited designated “poverty areas,” places with a poverty rate above 20 percent, and found that these areas are so numerous that they’re never more than a two-hour drive apart, woven through the fabric of the country but cut off from “the land of opportunity.” American Geography is a visual record of this six-year, 100,000-mile journey, which chronicles the vulnerable conditions faced by America’s poor.

This compelling compilation of black-and-white photographs is accompanied by Black’s own travelogue—a collection of observations, overheard conversations in diners and public transportation, menu prices, bus timetables, historical facts, and snippets from daily news reports.

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