Amore a Roma – Lori Sammartino (I edition)


Minerva, 1960 (I edition)
Hardcover, 22 x 28,5 cm
120 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text

Good overall conditions. Traces of wear on the cover. The plates inside are in perfect conditions. Dedication as pictured

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Lori Sammartino is a writer and photojournalist. With a degree in law, she began her work as a journalist and from the 1950s collaborated with Il Mondo under the editorship of Ennio Flaiano. She makes reportages in the United States, Morocco, Germany, Denmark and Holland. She collaborated with journalist Giovanni Russo on the collection “Italia Nostra,” for two valuable volumes, Un amore a Roma (1960) and La Domenica degli Italiani(1961), with a preface by Flaiano himself.

The photographs in Love in Rome are snapshots that put in sequence form a black-and-white film. Sammartino fixes scenes from the life of the Italian people on film with incisive irony, describing a suspended time in which the echo and joy of the end of the war can be heard. Faces, gestures and expressions are spontaneous and joyful, retaining the flavor of ancient simplicity.

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