Ana Mendieta (1st edition)

Poligrafa, 1999 (1st edition)
Hardback, 23 x 27 cm
274 pages, black and white and color photographs
English texts

Perfect conditions

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There is no doubt that Ana Mendieta’s life and creative career had dramatic overtones, nor that her unexpected and violent death left a shocking mark on contemporary art.

This does not mean that her creative approach was significantly different from that of her contemporaries of European or Anglo-Saxon cultural extraction.
It is in any case difficult to understand her art and her poetic essence without admitting a connection – necessary and lucid – with reality, and without recognizing the frontier character of her configurative practice.

Ana Mendieta’s creative anxiety presupposes trying to appreciate reality in some way and, of course, to interfere with it sensitively. Even her intense political consciousness, intrinsically linked to her personal history, has never let her works degenerate into autobiographical particularisms.
This means that Mendieta, in her tragically truncated and prematurely ended life, was willing to immerse herself in all territories of knowledge, taking her body to the most ambiguous and remote natural limits, thus elevating the personal sphere to the political one, regardless of the context in which she was moving.

This monograph on the Cuban-born artist offers the most comprehensive overview of his work available in Spanish. From her early performances to her Land Art works, examples of all the phases she went through in her career – from the late 1960s to her death in 1985 – are enhanced here by extensive color plates, in-depth essays and writings by Mendieta herself.

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