Animani — Mario Mariotti


Fatatrac, 1986 Hardcover, 21,5 x 21,5 cm 18 pages, color photographs Italian text Excellent overall conditions

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Mario Mariotti is known as the ‘painter of hands’, transforming them into dozens of fantastic figures that have been disseminated worldwide since ’79 through photographs, books, advertisements and films. ‘Animani’ is the first of several series of inventions featuring hands painted in shapes that were originally inspired by human footprints and shadow play.

“There was a moment when everyday figures were no longer sufficient to express the sense of reality, which now projected itself beyond physical presence: thus began the representation of symbolic images. The first time, on the wall of a cave, was the imprint of a hand. Today, in contemporary art, this primary sign is still used, to communicate an idea that has just been understood and is not yet exhausted. (…) Our increasingly visual culture tends to make the production of images coincide with everyday life, to the point of confusing us. But the company of our faithful shadow still seems to be sufficient to return us, with the complicity of a small light, to our imagination, to lead us back to the intact amazement enclosed within the cave: the imprint of a hand, from which we cannot move away.” – Mario Mariotti

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