Another Kind of Need – Marijn Bax


Fw: Books, 2023
Softcover, 26,5 x 33 cm
100 pages, b/w photographs + 8 postcards
English text

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For three years, Marijn Bax walked the length and breadth of the many paths in the garden of Ank van Peski, in Leidschendam, the Netherlands: a long, narrow strip of land that plunges into the meadows of the Dutch moorland. During these walks, the author observed, photographed and recorded the incessant work of the human hand.
Step by step, Marijn Bax became increasingly aware of the visual, physical and mental interaction that was taking place in the rich and layered depths of this enchanting garden, as well as the necessity of the art of gardening.

The photographs are accompanied by an audio track created by the author, which can be accessed via the QR code provided inside the book.

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