As a Flower – Sara Lorusso


Witty Books, 2022
Hardcover, 17 x 22,5 cm
104 pages, color images

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“As a Flower” invites us into a world of delicate intimacy; the sequence weaves together portraits and photographs of flowers suggesting the precious fragility of the relationship with one’s own body and that of others. Some flowers sway freely in the wind, others have just been picked, damp with dew, still others lie dismembered, on fire, stuck against a wall by pins; some make their way into the portraits like a tender, light caress, a gentle touch of welcome and acceptance.

“A visual diary in which each page talks about what it feels to be finally seen, in the deepest sense of the word …
… How can the photo of a flower hurt so much?”
– Laura Rositani

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