Atlante Metropolitano – Luigi Ghirri and other authors

Electa, 1991
Softcover, 26 x 26 cm
127 pages, b/n and color photographs
Italian text

Atlante metropolitano collects a series of contributions dispersed in the two volumes that accompanied the XVII Triennale exhibition Le città del mondo e il futuro delle metropoli (The Cities of the World and the Future of Metropolises) held in Milan at the end of 1988.
The Lotus Notebook collects essays by Luigi Mazza, Peter Hall, Giuseppe Dematteis, David Harvey, Michael Rustin, Marshall Berman, Richard Sennet, Ignaci de Solà Morales, Richard Saul Wurman, Bas C. Van Fraassen, Nelson Goodman and Georges Teyssot.

For the occasion, Luigi Ghirri composed a new photographic atlas on the subject of the metropolis that accompanies the texts by adding his own interpretative contributions.

photographs by Andrea Cavazzuti, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Daniele De Lonti, Joan Fontcuberta, Luigi Ghirri, Klaus Kinold, Joel Meyerowitz, Filippo Partesotti and Wim Wenders.