Boyhood Photos of J.H. Lartigue – The Family Album of a Gilded Age (1st edition 1966)


Ami Guichard, 1966
1st edition
Hardback, 24 x 26,6 cm
128 pages, 62 black and white photographs

Good overall conditions. Slightly worn cover

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“All the jumping and flying in Lartigue’s photographs, it looks like the whole world at the turn of the century is on springs or something. There’s a kind of spirit of liberation that’s happening at the time and Lartigue matches that up with what stop action photography can do at the time, so you get these really dynamic pictures. And for Lartigue part of the joke, most of the time, is that these people look elegant but they are doing these crazy stunts”
Kevin Moore, Lartigue biographer

Beginning with pictures taken with his first camera when he was 8, Boyhood Photos shows the evolution of a boy’s life-long artistry behind a camera, and captures the reckless and ebullient spirit of the turn of the century.

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