Brett Lloyd X David Armstrong House, 2012 – Brett Lloyd


Dashwood Books, 2022
Softcover, 18 x 20,5 cm
20 pages, b/w and colors photographs
English text

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“Waking up in CandyLand was comparable to waking up from a dream you’re not sure you’re out of. The cabinet of dolls heads at the foot of the stairs when you went to bed had now climbed up three flights during the night. The store mannequin that winced at guests by the front door was now poised directly outside your bedroom. A Billie Holiday record that had been started at some point during the night was now skipping repeatedly somewhere in a room on one of the floors. It didn’t seem to be bothering anyone.

My favorite room in David’s house was the one where his outstanding prints were kept, propped against walls, stacked in piles, curled up in glass vases. It was here that the enormity of his talent hits you. Looking at his heart breaking portraits seemed to make you feel the quiet house had fallen even quieter. And it’s this talent for conjuring the quiet and calm that made David himself so charismatic. His gracious encouragement towards me and other young people who he provided a home for was as valuable a gesture as the house itself.” -Brett Lloyd

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