Cardboard Landscapes / Paesaggi di Cartone – Luigi Ghirri


The Museum of Modern Art, 2020
Hardcover, 24.4 x 24.9 cm
112 pages, color photographs
English text

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Luigi Ghirri shot the photographs of ‘Cardboard Landscapes’ during his travels in Europe, coining the term ‘sentimental geography’ to describe his unique artistic approach of examining the ordinary to prove it extraordinary. The original handmade album contains over 100 chromogenic colour prints pasted on the pages of a white book, and was gifted by Ghirri to John Szarkowski, then director of the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art, in the 1970s.

A singular work of art, ‘Cardboard Landscapes’ is now published for the first time. The publication is an anomaly within Ghirri’s overall oeuvre, as it prioritises complex composition rather than the large tableaux for which he is best known. In this series he considers the printed image as subject matter, framing a kaleidoscope of photographs and advertisements to interweave a poetic visual narrative that simultaneously reflects regional, personal and popular culture, revealing a fascinating impulse to investigate one’s role within one’s media.

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