Christmas Book Set #2: FAMILY (6 libri di autori vari)


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A Christmas box set dedicated to the family would seem like a very unoriginal suggestion. Yet, the world of photographic publishing has recorded a clear increase in works dedicated to what’s happening inside our so-called ‘four walls’. Then again, in recent years the world population has spent most of their time stuck at home. As always happens, artists follow their muse using art as a tool to celebrate and reflect on this universal topic.

The volumes we have chosen from our shelves offer images of joy and trauma repair, trust, and sadness, interweaving past and present. This expresses the necessary and silent reworking of the world inside and outside of us, always looking for new possibilities and meaning.

We suggest here six profoundly unique and significant paths that reveal and unravel the complex relational dynamics linked to the intimacy of the family dimension.

It is a box set for everyone. Then again, what’s more universal and personal than family?

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