Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road – Tim Carpenter


The Ice Plant, 2019
Hardcover, 23,5 x 28 cm
104 pages, 56 b/w photographs
English text

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There is an emotional flowing within each person, at all times. This flow is constantly changing: as time goes by, our feelings change, we win and lose things and people, we learn, we forget. Combined with the fact that the world around us is also constantly changing, the result is a clash of two forces that we try to reconcile to receive moments of understanding and meaning.

The photographs we encounter while browsing Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road, are all taken in the period of one day and are less about the boundaries of this specific time and place than a poetic strategy to reduce the distance between human desire and the factual content of the tangible, everyday world. It is about the clash between the two streams.

Tim Carpenter, with this seemingly simple work, actually creates a short circuit of the photographic language: the image does not say something, but makes that something happen inside you. The image here is no longer description, but simply is.

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