City Stills — Ray K. Metzker

Prestel Verlag, 1999
Hardcover, 25 x 30 cm
96 pages, b/w photographs
English text

Perfect overall conditions

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These black-and-white photographs, taken over a quarter of a century and presented here through visual themes, show Metzker pushing the technical boundaries of photography into an indefinite formal realm far beyond what was intended. The photographs demonstrate Metzker’s mastery of light and shadow: four figures wait pensively at a bus stop, as if encased in glass, staring boldly at a wedge of bright light; a lone woman stands outside a train station, shrouded in an ominous streak of shadow like ink, with only the white of her necklace and a folded newspaper as talismans to ward off the darkness. Whether the photographs capture people waiting to act, or people already in motion, Metzker’s technique removes them from the fast pace of mundane activity and makes them stand still, just for a moment. The result is a series of photographs that call for a reinterpretation of the city and its inhabitants.

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