Clouds and Bombs – Juan Hein


Disko Bay, 2020
Hardcover, 20 x 25 cm
44 pages, b/w photographs
English text

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Clouds exert a special fascination on humans; however, certain clouds signify more than an impending storm or a vivid imagination. They are shaped by destruction, thrust upwards and blossom like a mushroom after a nuclear detonation, or rise furiously to the top of an erupting volcano – terrifying epitomes of the immense power of nature.

Danish/Argentinian artist Juan Hein has turned his fascination to the realm of technology, delving into the digital cloud instead of looking for clouds in the sky. In the book, Hein uses the Internet to comment on the spectacle of clouds and bombs through their digital fading and low resolution. Immersed in a digital bath, their forms are separated by the reduced resolution that asks the viewer how they see or perceive their physicality and potential.

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