Dalston Anatomy – Lorenzo Vitturi (1st numbered edition)


SPBH, 2013
1st edition
Hardcover, 19×26 cm
168 pages, 168 color photographs

Limited edition of 700 hand-numbered copies


In stock

‘Dalston Anatomy’ is an explosion of colours through which the author manages to bring his images, composed mainly of deteriorated or perishable elements, to life. Vitturi himself is keen to point out that the objects he uses can be found in London’s Ridley Road African market, indeed, that sometimes they are the very scraps of this one. Attracted by the perishable nature of organic materials, the artist is not afraid to experiment and treats them in the most absurd ways, as if he were a kind of alchemist, to discover what these elements will become. He uses different languages to narrate a social reality in constant transformation: from portraits to compositions, to the documentation of specific corners of the place in question, and he stitches them together thanks to successful colour combinations, made even stronger by the search for complementarity, and references to form.

Limited edition of 700 hand-numbered copies

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 19 cm


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