Diary – Corinne Day (I edizione)


Kruse Verlag, 2000
Hardback, 23 x 29 cm
116 pages, 102 color photographs
English text

Very good overall conditions; cover very slightly worn

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“It is all about freedom, really, and being proud of the holes in your jumper.”
– Corinne Day

Corinne Day (1962 – 2010) was a British photographer whose influence on the style and perception of photography in the early 1990s and onwards has been immense and whose work (referred to as ‘dirty realist’) is often compared to that of Nan Goldin and Larry Clark.

A self-taught photographer, her career in fashion started in Milan and is forever associated to having discovered and photographed a 16-year-old Kate Moss in 1990 (“Third Summer of Love” for FACE) and again later, in a very famous and scandalous shooting for Vogue in 1993.

Diary is the sole monographic book of her images published during her lifetime. Now rare, it gathers photographs taken over the span of a decade, starting in the early nineties in London. Diary is a series of candid. astonishingly intimate portraits, a gritty autobiography of Day and her group of friends, an honest document of adolescents with all their habits, desires, fears, and hopes. The pictures are unflinchingly open and whilst being shocking they expose the complex and beautiful nature of life at that age.

Corinne Day died at 48 for a brain tumour; the moment she was first diagnosed is documented in the book.

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