Dolce Via Nova – Charles H. Traub (signed)


Lazy Dog, 2022
Hardcover, 21×26 cm
144 pages, color photographs
English text


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Early 1980s.
On his travels through Italy, from Milan to Marsala, Luigi Ghirri is his guide: they do not speak the same language, but share a genuine curiosity and the ability to observe reality with fresh eyes. This series was published for the first time in 2013 – Dolce Via Nova renews the original sequence adding previously unpublished photographs, edited by Giulia Zorzi and Francesco Ceccarelli, and with a new design by Bunker, that includes a conversation with poet Luigi Ballerini and an essay by photographer Gus Powell.

Gus Powell writes:
The nostalgia of the images is delicious and a gift that the passage of time has made even more rich, but the strength of the work, with which it was inscribed when it was made, is its description of humanity, and more specifically, its description of one photographer’s dialogue with the world around him.
(…) the photographer is a unique kind of tourist, one that is driven “with a kind of purpose to discover, in what we are seeing, ourselves.” This is not a sequence of images that come from an unseen or invisible photographer. These are pictures that record seeing and being seen simultaneously.

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