Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama – Fumi Nagasaka (signed)


GOST, 2023
Hardcover, 22,5 x 27 cm
144 pages, 75 color and b/w photographs
English text

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Located northwest of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, Dora is a small town of about 2,300 inhabitants. The church, university football and Jack’s – the local fast food chain – are the main attractions for locals and Nagasaka was introduced to each of them during her visits.
For the author, after living in New York for 10 years, the desire to explore the region of the rural south of the United States was sparked during the controversial 2016 presidential election. Hosted by a friend, Nagasaka gradually overcame her “outsider” status by gaining the trust of Walker County residents, and began photographing them.

I can only describe Alabama in three words: family, God and football. Family is everything. It brings a sense of belonging, love, joy and community that keeps us unified. The South is a small, big world where everyone is connected in some way. — Diahmin Hawkins

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