Dream House – Gregory Crewdson


Photology, 2008
Hardback, 30 x 42 cm
48 pages, 12 color photographs
Italian and english text

Good overall conditions, slightly worn cover

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Gregory Crewdson’s photographs have entered the American visual lexicon.
Often working with a large team, he typically plans each image with meticulous attention to detail, orchestrating light, color, and production design to conjure dreamlike scenes infused with mystery and suspense.
In the ‘Dream House’ series, the skill used by the photographer in designing and building the scene reaches extreme levels.

For years, the American “any town” has represented a fertile ground for Gregory Crewdson’s research, which, since his first works in the late ’80s, has been related to the anonymity of those spaces that make up the American province.

Dream House’, a series of 12 large format photographs initially commissioned by The New York Times Magazine, is set in a small town in Vermont, an anonymous province like many others.

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