Dream Machine – Ruben Lundgren


Jiazazhi Press & 200 cm, 2023
Hardcover, 18 x 25,5 cm
68 pages, b/w and color photographs
English and Chinese text

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“I love machine and I love so-called material civilization. Machine are full of movement, full of warm energy full of speed and strength” Ba Jin, 1933

Ruben Lundgren, a Sino-Dutch photographer, imagines an album collecting 35 photographs found in antique markets and online over the past decade, ironically addressing the theme of the Chinese people’s human fascination with innovation and technology.

The photographs are a collection of images taken in studios in front of elaborate sets and painted backgrounds. Lundgren was inspired by an album made in the 1960s that immortalised life along the shores of the famous West Lake near the city of Hangzhou. The playful and colourful nature of this book makes it almost a futuristic tale that is both historical and truthful. This kitsch album not only collects constructed images, but also brilliantly depicts the Chinese people’s yearning for the new, showing how not everything one sees can actually correspond to reality.

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