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Dream Moons – Yurian Quintanas Nobel

Dream Moons – Yurian Quintanas Nobel


Void, 2020
Softbound, 23,3×30,4 cm
96 pages, color photographs

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“My house looked like a maze, a tenebrous shelter where nobody could enter […]. I walked through its corridors and up and down the stairs, but I couldn’t reach the exit. Darkness everywhere.”
Yurian Quintanas Nobel, from ‘Dream Moons’

After a few years working on territories and outsiders, Yurian Quintanas Nobel set himself the challenge of photographing his closest environment.

To make this work he imposed a single rule: all the photographs had to be done within the limits of his house. From this single guideline, he began to photograph the spaces, domestic objects, and the inhabitants of this home.
Though, he went further. To tell not only the concrete experience. But the transformation of all the palpable reality, into what we do not see.

The first images of this project are from 2015. And they are in total line with 2020’s new zeitgeist: the lockdowns. Produced 5 years before we started to think about how life is restricted within the space of our own homes, ‘Dream Moons’ gets a new and unexpected layer.

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