Dusha. Anima Russa – Davide Monteleone


Postcart, 2007
Hardback, 22 x 22 cm
128 pages, color photographs
Text: italian and english

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An embrace  on the cover that summarises so much of the beauty and simplicity of this book.
Davide Monteleone’s photographs collected in Dusha – Russian soul travel across the Russian land: Ukraine, Transnistria and Belarus, always with an affectionate, sincere and at times melancholic gaze.
People and places create an almost metaphysical scenario. Page after page, we progressively join the author along his journey.
A little miracle through the power of photography.

The huge grey anonymous buildings are transformed into the metaphysical images of De Chirico; the reputedly dangerous and nostalgic Soviets, racist and nationalistic, are perceived as orphans of a past in which they blindly believe, and the kitsch tapestries that hang on cheap hotel walls become Art. Then, all at once, this part of Russia and its people become breathtakingly beautiful and as easily identifiable as our next own door neighbors.
In March 2009 Micamera hosted also the exhibition of this work.

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