Elio Mariani – Elio Mariani (signed)


Giampaolo Prearo Editore, 1973
Hardcover, 21 x 29 cm
148 pages, b/w photographs
Italian, French and English text

Signed copy

Very good overall conditions.
Slight traces of time on the box set and cover, internal pages in perfect conditions

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“For Elio Mariani, mechanical art, mec-art, as a visual fixation of ‘mass media’ and as an autonomous language, is a basic culture. He was 17 when Andy Warhol presented his first ‘photographic reports’ at the Stable Gallery in New York. And he was 20 when, simultaneously in Rome and Paris, Mimmo Rotella and Gianni Bertini made their first transports on emulsified canvas.
Elio Mariani’s culture is based on European mass media humanism. His search for language is centered on the fundamental postulate of the image-object.
Its purpose is to restructure the plane image from photo-mechanical means. The image thus obtained constitutes an objective totality independent of the basic elements.” – from the introductory essay by art critic Pierre Restany

Excellent print quality, state-of-the-art design and two stimulating introductory essays help make this volume an essential tool for the study of the artistic production of Elio Mariani, one of the leading Italian exponents of the mec-art movement.
Stunning accordion section placed in the centre of the volume – signed by the author – which unfolds to compose a single panoramic photo.

The book is also signed on the cover page

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