Emilie Comes to Me in a Dream – Jindrich Styrsky


Mörel, 2017
Softcover, 13,5×21 cm
10 b/w photographs
English text

Edition of 300 copies

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Emilie Comes to Me in a Dream is a facsimile of the Surrealist book handmade by the czech artist Jındřıch Štyrský in 1933, originally published in an edition of 69 numbered copies. 300 copies were carefully reproduced by combining the original materials with contemporary media of the highest quality. The book includes 10 hand-embossed images reproduced as quatrains and the text translated into English. As in the case of the original book, the pictures are glued onto a card that is folded and inserted into the cover materials. There is no binding: all sheets are loose.

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