Empty Chair with Book – Erik Kessels & Karel de Mulder


Lensvelt, 2022
Softcover, 17 x 22,5 cm
160 pages, color and b/w photographs
English text

+ a chair from the brand Lensvelt


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A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE EMPTY CHAIR addresses the theme of absence. Looking at an empty chair, we wonder who might be sitting there. Not knowing and not seeing makes us more curious and the photograph more captivating. Will the empty chair be able to bear the weight? Who will be its new guest? Will we ever know?

EMPTY CHAIR consists of a chair and a book that go together, designed by Erik Kessels in collaboration with Karel de Mulder and produced by Lensvelt (a design and furniture brand based in Amsterdam).

An empty chair is spoken for,
but what does an empty chair say?
It says I am reserved for someone else
who should be here today.

Or maybe it doesn’t say a word,
and the napkin says it all.
That someone else is sitting here,
they just had to make a call.

An empty chair is full of meaning
that travels time and space.
It’s held the lives of many others,
yet stayed in that one place.

A seat of comfort or sometimes pain,
but a chair will have your back.
Making sure you sit up straight,
for the confidence you lack.

An empty chair is always there,
an invitation if you will.
But I’d prefer to stand a while,
cause I’ve got some time to kill.

And if I sit, I’ll feel alone,
with no one else to stare.
So I’d rather stand my life away
and see my empty chair.


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