Family – Masahisa Fukase


MACK, 2019
Hardcover, 31 x 23 cm
80 pages, b/w photographs
English and Japanese text

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“My entire family, whose image I see inverted in the frosted glass, will die one day. This camera, which reflects and freezes their images, is actually a device for archiving death”.

Masahisa Fukase

Between 1971 and 1989, driven by a deep existential torment, Fukase periodically returned to his home town, where his family ran a small photography studio. This is the period in which the photographer explores the source of his creativity, obsessively portraying the people around him and whom he loves. Thus “Family” was born; it begins as a light-hearted parody of the classic family album, and then becomes the narrative of the end of the photographic studio, the death of Fukase’s father, of a family that will disperse, of the end of an era that lasted almost eighty years.

The viewer intimately feels the disintegration of the author’s father, the photographic studio and the entire family, but also becomes aware of the strange, sometimes even macabre ease with which the photographer takes us back and forth in time with these images, which are the only thing that remains now that he, the creator, has also disappeared. 

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