Fast Cities – Morten Andersen


Journal 2018 (1st edition)
Hardback, 20 x 30 cm
304 pages, color photographs
English text

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More and more of us live in cities, more than half of us actually and that figure is just growing, rapidly. But it’s not in Europe or North America we live. Well some of us do.

The largest and fastest growing cities we find in Asia, South America and Africa. But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better and the challenges with pollution, overpopulation, poverty, housing, transportation, drinking water, sanitation, energy, crime, social inequality and so on seems endless. Endless cities in every sense.

Usually when we see photographic work from the megacity it’s often about spectacular architecture so I have focused more on the human element and the energy of the city experienced at a grass-root level. How people move, look, play, dance… small stories, from big cities.

(Morten Andersen)

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