Feng Li – Golden Times


Jiazazhi, 2023
Hardcover, 22×30,5 cm
120 pages, color photographs
English text

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After finishing an intense filming job in Tokyo, I returned to Chengdu. When I swiped a small video on WeChat, I saw that not far from my home, there was a place called “Golden Beach”, where a lot of people were playing wild disco

and driven by curiosity, I decided to go and have a look.

That is a piece of airport elevated wilderness, every evening from seven to nine o’clock, the local villagers, will spontaneously go there to jump, because it is a piece of wild field, in addition to the dancing crowd, there are food stalls under the bridge, children’s playgrounds, very much like when I was a child on New Year’s Day in the countryside temple fair, especially joyful, festive.

After the dissemination of small videos on the Internet, the venue gradually got hot and bothered. At most, there were five or six thousand people jumping together. At seven or eight o’clock in the middle of summer, the light was at its best, and the afterglow of the setting sun was golden on everyone’s face.

Most of the dancers were in the twilight of their lives in terms of age, but in the heat of the summer, they could dance for two or three hours without stopping, and I was deeply moved by a certain passion for life. I went there five times in a week to film them dancing in the twilight. Later on, they moved the dance venue, but fortunately, I was able to capture the moment of their wildly dancing life.

Feng Li

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