Flattened in Time and Space – Angelo Vignali (firmato)


Witty Books, 2020
Softcover, 14,8 x 21 cm
edition of 500 copies
368 pages, b/w and colour photographs
English text

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‘Flattened in Time and Space’ is a visual family novel, whose plot develops around the figure of Concetto, born in Scicli, Sicily, in 1921.

The photographs, extracted from family albums and re-assembled, were taken by his nephew, Angelo Vignali, by his family and friends. The sequence, which spans over fifty years, deprives the viewer of space-time coordinates and the identity of those who took the photographs, creating a new narrative.

FITAS is a portrait drawn from the relationships between people, places and events that animated the stage of Concetto’s life. A succession of glances from the window overlooks the countryside: the abandoned farms and petrol stations, the Sicilian dusty hills, the sky and the Mediterranean Sea. The magnificence of the monuments, which we observe only a moment later eroded by time, abandoned.

Only few background characters punctuate the landscape, up to that domestic interior, always the same, yet different in the most minute details: the house Concetto himself built, and where it still lives today.

Is there a ‘familiar lexicon’ in the way we look at and represent the places and people we hold dear – our history?

With a text by Ilaria Speri, book design by Federico Barbon

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