Fotografia macchina per insegnare / appunti per una ricerca sull’uso didattico dell’immagine fotografica – Various Authors


ILFORD Foto/gram, 1979
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm
36 pages, b/w photographs

Italian text

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The book was produced by Foto/gram, a group of educational experts, photographers and graphic designers who are researching the possibility of using images, particularly photographs, to teach.
The didactic opportunity, in this sense, is found in considering photography as a construction work from which a progressive montage of signs results. The ‘finished’ image is, in short, the conclusion of a teaching: photography is a valid opportunity to talk about any discipline. Foto/gram conducts its research with the help of the photographic industry, Ilford. Some experiments with the photographic process using sensitive paper, developing and fixing, for example, are suggested. The handout, a summary of group work, was written by Paola Bergna, Ando Gilardi, Attilio Mina.

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