Fotomedia + La Tradizione del Nuovo N.14



Comune di Milano, Rotonda di via Befana, 1975
Softcover, 24 x 22,5 cm
80 pages, b/w photographs
Italian text

Excellent overall conditions, slight traces of wear

La Tradizione del Nuovo N.14

Pinacoteca Comunale di Ravenna, 1980
Softcover, 33 x 24 cm
B/w photographs
Italian text

Good overall condition, a crease on the cover


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‘Photomedia: a discipline for art,’ a group exhibition initially held in 1973 for the Museum an Ostwall in Dortmund, presented those Italian artists who had used photography and videotape to create their works since the 1960s.
The exhibition was presented again at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan in the spring of 1975.

The second chapter of this artistic journey, ‘Fotomedia Due, ovvero della fotodecorazione oggettiva,’ which took place instead in the Pinacoteca Comunale di Ravenna from December ’80 to February ’81, gathered 11 authors, including Luigi Ghirri, Guido Guidi, Fulvio Ventura, and Paolo Gioli, united by the conception of their images not only in their documentary value but also in their objective and material nature.

Issue 14 of La Tradizione del Nuovo, a magazine that accompanied the exhibition activities of the Ravenna Municipal Art Gallery in those years, edited by Giulio Guberti, collects images of the exhibition.
The second part of this issue, entitled ‘Mass Communications, Probably…’ collects short essays by writers reflecting on the role of advertising and media outreach in the contemporary world.

From 1977 to 1981, 15 issues of the magazine were published, on the experience of which, in 1982, the Essegi publishing house was then born, which has always favored contemporary art by publishing exhibition catalogs, essays, books on architecture and photography.


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