Found Photos in Detroit – Arianna Arcara / Luca Santese


Cesura Publish, 2012 (1st edition)
Hardback, 42 x 29,7 cm
80 pages, 167 color and black and white photographs

Limited edition of 1000 copies

Perfect conditions

In stock

“The project was born in 2009 from the wish to realize a reportage on the city of Detroit, as a symbol of the American economic crisis. As we walked around the city we started finding these documents outside of abandoned places. The first photos found were a group of polaroids, probably mug shots. As soon as we found the first photographs, we realized the power these records had.

If we had done a classic reportage we would have had images of the city (as others have already done well) but above all we would have done a post-crisis work: a sort of Aftermath of the city.

The fact that we found and used archival images from the 1960s/70s to the 1990s – the height of the city’s economic decline – gave us the chance to see the crisis from the inside, during and not after it.

The images found amount to about 1500. It is in the vicinity of abandoned buildings (schools, churches, factories, houses, police stations) that we found most of the archive. The project is not intended to be a description of the history of the city of Detroit but an index of found photos”.

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