Frauen – Hans-Peter Feldmann

Morel Books, 2020
Hardback, 21×26.8 cm
240 pages, color and black and white photographs
English text

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“80% of artists find themselves dealing with problems due to their relationship with their mother”: in this personal interview, the internationally praised German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann reflects on the magnetic power of women and shares his way of using art both as an escape and as therapy.

Feldmann, however, did not consider being an artist as his work, because to consider it as such would have suffocated his enthusiasm. Art, he believes, has been discredited by the capitalist logic that has invested the art world and which finds expression in auction houses, places where the transaction takes place between investors and collectors – not artists. But art simply shouldn’t be put on a pedestal: “Art is an ordinary part of life like sport, food and sleep”.

Images of women attract Feldmann: “It is always about women, about mothers, about images of women.” For example, he points out that the public baths for men are similar to the ancient caves with their numerous drawings of vaginas on the walls.

The repetitive way of collecting images is therapeutic for Feldmann, making everything clearer and more tangible. Many artists use their art as a form of therapy, “like a flight to another world that someone from the old world cannot access”.

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