Fugue – Lydia Goldblatt


Gost, 2024
Hardcover, 19,9 x 25 cm
192 pages, 120 color photographs
English text

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Focusing on domestic space and made over the course of four years, Fugue is a story about love and pain, motherhood and the loss of a mother, intimacy and distance, told through photographs and writings. When Lydia Goldblatt became a mother, she found herself unable to shoot. However, after her mother’s death, she started taking photographs again, both at home and in the city around her.

Layered and complex, the book intertwines photographs and fragments of text; its sequence alternates glimpses of luminous everyday ‘miracles’ with tender and intimate moments.

” I wanted to be honest about what I was struggling with, about the feelings of claustrophobia and rage, as much as intimacy and love. These are feelings so often hidden by mothers, so often silenced as unacceptable. ” — Lydia Goldblatt

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