Futurismo e Fotografia – curated by Giovanni Lista (1st numbered edition)

Multhipla Edizioni, 1979 (I edizione numerata)
Hardcover, 25 x 35 cm
356 pages, black and white photographs
Text: italian

Overall good conditions

“We have always rejected with disgust and aversion any relation to photography” said Futurist theorist and artist Umberto Boccioni “as it is outside the field of art” 
Approaching the world of Futurism, it is amazing to see how Futurists could be fascinated by modernity and progress, and at the same time found it so difficult to accept the two technological media par excellence: cinema and photography. The coveted pure recording of reality, in fact, seemingly excludes any act of perception by the artist.
This is one of the reasons why Giovanni Lista chooses in his volume not to deal only with Futurist photography itself, which for the most part is limited to the analysis of certain scientific aspects (for example, Marey and Muybridge for the study of the movement).
The book takes into account the relationship between photography and Futurism, showing how the photographic medium can act not, rather than as an artistic medium, as a tool of divulgation.
The book clearly shows the Futurist attempt to master time: simultaneity, kinetization, intermingling, transparency of the bodies are consequences of the Futurist attempt to inscribe time in the image, assuming its epiphany and rendering it in the most immediate, and simple, way.